Feelsbad x Karasu – How we came together

We had met through mutual friends and were talking about collaborating for awhile, probably as far back as February 2021. We had spent a lot of time ideating on the story we wanted to tell between our brands. However, as we were working through it in the backdrop of COVID-19, we were starting to see these horrifying stories of violence against asians. With all of the founders being asians as well, it was difficult to continue what we were doing without acknowledging the environment, nor would we want to. So, this series is a reflection of and a dedication to the experiences we and countless other immigrants, aliens, and perpetual others lived through. 

Telling a story in a time of great upheaval

It can be somewhat difficult to talk about a brand story when at least some of the inspiration for the stories are highly personal - but doing so is particularly fraught when we try to tell the story during a global pandemic where Asians are being blamed and attacked for something they have zero control over. Thankfully, many outstanding people and organizations have risen to combat this bigotry, but it also makes it slightly more complex for us to tell our story and have it come across as authentic, and not something that we did to surf the current wave of awareness.

Ultimately, we felt that it was impossible for us to continue what we were doing without acknowledging the environment in which we were doing it so here we are - trying to tell a story about how our collaboration came about and the inspiration of our designs to explain how we got here and hoping that we’re doing this well enough so that you understand that it was not by whims and fancies that we’ve chosen to do what we have.