Karasu Clothing is the labour of love between three friends looking for a creative outlet. Looking into the vast landscape of modern streetwear, we felt that there wasn't a label that represented us. Karasu is a study of contrasts – modern looks developed with an old school attention to detail, and traditional looks made modern with contemporary colours, silhouettes and mediums.


The word Karasu (カラス) means crow in Japanese. These animals are revered for their high intelligence, and are considered to possess great wisdom in many mythos around the world. Fearless and highly adaptable, crows have also developed a bad reputation with humans. From raiding crops to thrashing garbage, the Japanese people have developed a love/hate relationship with the crow over the centuries; misperceiving their intelligence for cunning.

Karasu Clothing identifies with the crow. Karasu Clothing invites those who feel their intelligence is misunderstood, who's creativity and talents are looked down on, to fly together.Karasu Clothing Co - Motto: We the often hated, the misunderstood, stake our claim.